Review of 2022/2023

The past few years have been very challenging indeed. We have seen the Coronavirus pandemic sweep the world.

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Review of 2015/2016

Both years proved yet again the sustainability of the Rompin Sailfish with both years providing excellent fishing.

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Review of 2011

The highlight of 2011 was undoubtedly Wednesday the 14 of September, with Glen Di Carlo and the boys from Perth.

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Review of 2010

The year was a little strange to say the least. The El Nino effect, which started in Nov/Dec 2009 saw the early part of the season at Rompin fishing extremely well.

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Review of 2009

The year was exceptional not only for the Rompin Sailfish, which I might add, continues to be an outstanding fishery, but also for number and size of the Narrowbarred mackerel and Queenfish landed.

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Review of 2008

2008 has been an excellent year for the Kuala Rompin Sailfish. Numbers have been high and sizes have been good, up to 58kg.

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