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A wonderful and memorable fishing trip and great food. Dreaming of our next trip, to the Spratlys next time.

Mr. Yawar Rashid,


The sailfishing is absolutely fantastic. Double and triple strikes were very common. You could see them, you could almost touch them. Myself and my girlfriend, Lindsey, landed 27 sails to boat in one day. That is not counting what we lost. I will be back in 2008 to fish the sails again and the Spratlys. On the first morning, Anthony said that we should hit our first sailfish by 10.00am and it was right on the nose when the reel screamed.

Mr. Paul Scott

UK Medical personnel

The sailfish spectacular is just that, spectacular. It is a great place to take my two young sons. There are plenty of sails and when in season Mahi Mahi and Narrowbarred Mackerel. The Spratlys also produced massive Amberjacks, GTs and Dogtooth tuna. I must say that I have fished at least twice a year for the past 5 years. This will be my last year in Malaysia and I have 3 bookings for this year (2010) I am sure they will be as good as previous trips. I plan to holiday once a year after I return home just for the Rompin Sails...Its just so good.

Steve Burford

UK expatriate based in Kuala Lumpur

My first sailfish - and not just one but many. It is so beautiful to see them playing on the surface.

Thomas Haemmerle

German policeman

This is fantastic, I have never seen so many sailfish in my life.

Yusaku Tsutsui

Fly fishing tackle shop owner

This is the best, sails and fly - Malaysia No.1

Masanori Sarai

Angling executive for travel company - worldwide fishing trips

I lost lots of expensive lures, broke a favourite rod, damaged two reels and really enjoyed myself. Fishing, food and fun. I will be back again with more groups.

Allan Riboe

Denmark (Mr. Danish Dynamite), Fishing tackle shop owner.

Excellent value for money, this would cost two or three times as much elsewhere. I will go for a world record next time.

Jyrki Liikanen

Finland, Angling Holiday Organiser, Specimen hunter.

I never expected so many species in one place. Great fishing, good company and wonderful food. Malaysia is now on the world angling map.

Jan Ring

Norway, Captain of the Norwegian Angling Team.

I am dreaming of my next visit. Great hospitality, fantastic fishing and the food...oh oh oh...delicious.

Andy Nicholson

England. Angling journalist, TV and film presenter.

I only managed to get 1 day fishing as I was on my honeymoon, but what a day. Sailfish, barracuda and mackerel. Fantastic place, great fishing and very good guide and crew.

Karim el Baroudi


Popping, lure casting and fly fishing for sailfish in Kuala Rompin is best. Much excitement. Many fish. As soon as I finished my trip, I booked again for 2009.

Ryuji Terashima

Japan, Angling writer

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