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We have been fishing in Rompin every year since 2012 with our young sons. Normally there is between 3 to 6 fathers and 6 to eight boys. Anthony and Aziz have looked after us very well indeed, put us on the fish and teach the boys. This is a great bonding experience for us and our sons and of course really good fishing. Roll on the 2017 trip.

Federico D’Inca


Myself, my husband and our 3 children try to visit Malaysia and Rompin every 2 years. We missed 2016 due to my husbands work schedule so this year we have booked an extended trip. We love it, the kids love it and all the staff at Rompin are fantastic. It is cheaper for us to come and fish sails in Rompin than it is to do the same in Australia and more sails in Rompin. The fishing is great, the food superb  and the people so nice. Thanks Anthony/Aziz.

Louise Pearce

Solictor, Queensland, Australia

My first visit to hunt the sails was in 2015. I have never caught so many big fish in my life. On our last day we hit it big with our boat landing and releasing  26 sailfish with me getting 9 personally .Great place, great fishing, great company and excellent food. We have already booked for 2017. Anthony and Aziz are the perfect hosts.


Hakan Petersen

Paediatric Heart Specialist, Sweden

We have fished with Anthony and Aziz now for the past 9 years in Rompin and its just great. There’s normally about 6 to 10 of us come each year for 4 days fishing and from the moment we arrive at the airport in Kuala Lumpur everything is taken care of for us. The food is absolutely marvellous , the fishing excellent and the camaraderie superb. Our annual boys trip will continue.

Craig Miller/Tim Barton

Pilots – Hong Knog

I and friends have fished on numerous occasions for the sails at Rompin. While I did have 1 bad day, no sails, that was the only one. In 2015 I caught a 100kg+ black marlin which so far is the pinnacle of my fishing life. Sailfish, mackerel and Cobia are the most common catches. Everything about Anthony/Aziz setup is  so good. They always put you on the fish, well almost, apart from that 1 day haha. The food and hospitality is top class.

Patrick Hylton

based in Malaysia

2016 was my first trip to Malaysia and Kuala Rompin with a group of friends. We fished for 3 days and caught lots of different species. Of course we caught sailfish which was our target. Top class fishing  with A & A, good jokes and good fun. I booked on the spot for 2017.

Toni Kalliomaki


I have been 3 times to fish the sails of Rompin with my friends and our boys and I must say it is virtually impossible NOT to catch them. The boys and us thoroughly enjoy ourselves every time. The fresh calamari at the restaurant is top class on our return from the days fishing as is all the food. Hook, Line & Sinker in the persons of Aziz and Anthony provide top class gear and look after us very well indeed. 2017 here we come.

Marco Attilio

based in Singapore

Fished in Rompin in 2015 and then in 2016 when we made a movie of our experience.  And what a movie.  We had sailfish coming out of everywhere, we could hardly believe it there was so many hook-ups, losses and landings. It was all action for the 3 days of fishing. The package Anthony and Aziz offer is excellent for money. We couldn’t do the same in OZ for more than double the price. The food was also out of this world. If you are interested in the movie just google us..Hogs, Dogs and Quads.

Bryce of Hogs, Dogs & Quads

Australia top end

2017 will be our 3rd time fishing with Anthony and Aziz in Kuala Rompin. We started on 2015 when a mate told us about the fishing trip that they do every year. Absolutely great. Great fishing, great food and great craic.


Bill Doody

Pilot, Hongkong

I have fished at least 8 or 9 time with the lads since 2012. Never had a dull moment and always good catches. The food is.....well....just wonderful, accommodation whilst not 4/5 star is comfortable and adequate, the banter excellent, but it is the fishing we go for and continue to come back for. Top class value.

Chris Fox

based in Singapore

I came to Malaysia with my family just to catch Sailfish-and I did-plenty of them. The package deal is excellent value for money.

Charl Baard

South Africa

I caught everything I hadn't caught before and wanted to catch, sails, amberjack, dogtooth but lost a big GT.

Mr. Derek Elliot

Auditor UK

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